Authority General Ledger Restructure

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Many councils are finding that their chart of accounts is no longer providing the outcomes required. Work Orders may have been implemented, an asset management system implemented, or other changes have occurred.

This can have a range of impacts such as:

  1. Your current GL structure being used inconsistently across departments.
  2. There is a need to replace the use of Total/Alternate Keys with Hierarchy reporting
  3. The structure is not supporting the new organisational structure.
  4. The council is subject to an amalgamation or pending amalgamation.

By restructuring your chart of accounts, you can dramatically improve the use of the ledger and subsequent financial reporting. It is generally accepted within the industry that GLs should be reviewed every 5-7 years.

Pacesetter Services can work with you to restructure your chart of accounts, reporting hierarchies and views.

This may involve:

  1. Workshopping the design of the General Ledger and Work Order classifications.
  2. Building the new structures.
  3. Data conversion.
  4. Development of new reports.
  5. Training staff in new business processes.
  6. Supporting the Go Live process.

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