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Technology plays an essential role in councils and local authorities. We should always be asking, “What’s in it for the community?” After all, this is why councils exist. “What’s in it” might be a direct benefit (e.g. Submitting service requests online from any device) or an indirect benefit (e.g. optimally configured systems to improve financial reporting or business processes).

It is essential to have an ICT Strategic Plan to ensure that technology aligns with and enables your corporate strategic plan and business processes.

Pacesetter Services has in-depth experience in developing ICT Strategic Plans as well as evaluating and reviewing those plans.

Pacesetter can also provide “locum” IT Manager positions for periods of up to 2 months.

The process we use to develop an ICT strategic plan involves:

  1. Working in partnership with the IT Manager or CIO.
  2. Consulting and surveying internal and external users.
  3. Understanding the council environment (corporate plan, budgets, policies).
  4. Understanding the external environment (political considerations, technological developments, etc).

The outcome of this process is a comprehensive plan with goals and objectives to be achieved over a defined time period within a proposed budget.

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ICT Strategic planning